Personalized Solutions

We realize that each business has unique needs. Therefore, each one of our SOLUTIONS are equally UNIQUE!

You may be a mobile retail merchant that sells from a suitcase, but you also want to be able to market to each customer after the sale… We have a solution for you!

You may be a transportation merchant that takes reservations, on-hand pick-up and have a variety or regular customers…. We have a solution for you!

You may be a merchant that goes from place to place to sell your services but are never in front of your customer. You have no real office and would like to be able to use your cellphone to quote and invoice customers and get paid quickly … We have a solution for you!

You may currently be looking to expand your operations from an old-fashioned terminal setup with cash register to something that offers: Inventory management, employee hours, etc.

You may currently have an older restaurant software that is expensive and obsolete. Let us show you the latest features like: cloud back-up, remote management of your restaurant, mobile payment acceptance, tableside ordering & management, Customer Relationship, employee, menu and inventory management systems along with complete reporting & analytics all at a much lower cost than you are paying now.

Are you considering the purchase of specialized software for your business? Are you aware that more than 50% of specialized software companies have their own merchant processing company or works with ONLY one processor and get additional residuals from these sources. Before you buy, consult with us to see if there is an option for an agnostic gateway and agnostic processor.

You may be a service or professional merchant that has a lot of outstanding “receivables”. We all have seen companies close their doors because they go so in the RED! I must remind you; your customers do not care if you can’t feed your family! Stop waiting for the check to come in the mail! Get paid immediately with secure card on file, recurring billing or eCommerce payment.

These are just a few of the welcomed solutions we have provided our merchants! We have help you as well…just give us a call today!

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