Here’s why:

  • Visibility – You need to be found online for any kind of credibility. When you are not found, you lose money! If you’re not online, you’re out of sight, and therefore out of mind!
  • Reach more of your Target Market; Sell Online – A “brick-and-mortar” store is limited to selling to people within a certain geographical area. It opens your business up to the WORLD, possibly selling goods online to people who would have NEVER been near your store to purchase. In addition, many stores have a “niche segment” of the market due to the products sold like “parts”. Expanding your business via an eCommerce website opens it up to more revenue and growth.
  • Consumers do not shop 9am-9pm – While your store and its employees are open only during certain hours, a Website opens your store longer than 9am – 9pm! Most consumers today spend time comparing before they purchase and a website allows your business to be part of the search!